Meditation as a Service for Humanity

Humanity-pic-Internet-file-shotWhy do you meditate? There are probably as many answers are there are meditators, with no right or wrong answers. You may sit for the clarity of mind it brings, or to reduce stress, or because your doctor recommended it. You might not have a current practice but are curious what meditation can do for you.

One reason to consider meditating is that it can be a service for humanity. You don’t have to look far to see that this world is struggling for peace and harmony. Every day we’re confronted with issues of war and man-made chaos. Anyone concerned about the fate of humanity, our planet, and of our ways of living may be asking, How can we develop a higher consciousness together, as a civilization?

Consider that energy follows thought. The technique of meditation expands consciousness, including the entire consciousness of the planet. Meditation involves spiritual contact, a means of furthering the evolution of human intelligence, the capacity to love, and the ability to bring the personal will into alignment with the divine will.

In fact, meditation may be the single most effective means for transcending the sense of separateness and isolation which imprison human consciousness. Meditation is creative in every sense of the word. It can change conditions, invoke the higher spiritual potentcies, and brings the world of men and  the kingdom of God into alignment.

The intention to be of service to mankind is the essential motivation for all true creative meditation. Expansion of the human mind is based on the ability to love and to serve one’s fellowmen. The ultimate result in the consciousness of the individual is illumination, wisdom, and the will-to-good, and an expanding ability to cooperate in the creative and redemptive purposes of our planetary life. Meditation as a planetary service is both practical and effective.

One of my own meditation groups meets once a month and spends some time reading and discussing a spiritual text (currently Alice Bailey’s “Externalization of the Hierarchy”), then meditates on the dissolution of the glamor of separateness for ourselves and our world.

Another way to participate in meditation for humanity is through the United Nations Days and Years and Decades meditation group (, which uses themes useful for world service meditation and crucial for a world developing a culture of peace and right human relations for nations, individuals, and groups throughout the year. Information and ideas for organizing a community event are available from many places including the U.N., the Culture of Peace Initiative (CPI) and CPI TV.

As meditators, we have the responsbility to build the thoughtform of a lighted house for humanity. Although we can see the obstacles and current state of affairs on this earth, we also have analytical and intuitive skills to see beyond to a greater idea. In this field the possibilities inherent in our time can be known.


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