Letting Go of Bliss

I was listening to a podcast recently about “Radical Acceptance” at Sounds True (which BTW has a great archive on all manner of spiritual topics). I like to knit while I listen to podcasts. It’s sort of like showering or driving and creates a mental state where I can absorb information and generate ideas.

I’m knitting along and feeling fairly pleased about my understanding of the notion of acceptance, how it’s the key to ending one’s own suffering, and even how I’ve managed to achieve some level of it in my own life. My little red bolero sweater is growing. Then the guest said, “Even when we reach that absolute bliss, we have to let go of that.”

Huh?? Wait a minute. I thought we were all working, striving, or accepting our way to ultimate bliss, nirvana, pure joy, God, or whatever you want to call existing in the sense of one-ness. Whaddaya mean I have to let go of bliss?? I had to put the knitting down and pause the recording.

I’ve actually come across this concept before, but it was like the Universe gave me a shove. Oh, guess I didn’t get that one the first time around! Acceptance means not having any attachments to anything. No expectations, no desires, no holding, not even for joy. You could even say acceptance is not doing. You simply ARE with what IS.

When we stop resisting our circumstances, stop requiring change, and simply accept what is (and nobody says you have to like it), we create the conditions where what we truly desire can happen because it is no longer a requirement. It is free to flow forth.

I don’t want to deny anyone their moments of spiritual bliss, but the next time you experience a feeling of at-one-ness, see if you can observe that by doing so you are still in the Observer’s seat, and therefore not in the God-seat, which is whole, not dualistic.

This is a really challenging concept to understand, and kind of a paradox. You can’t really know God until your ego no longer exists, but you endeavor to know Oneness through your ego.

Knit on that for awhile! Seriously, this is a great concept to mull over and chew on, and see what insights and intuitions come up.

Strength, peace, and serenity are all yours through the practice of acceptance.


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