Mantras and Healing

I had dental implant surgery last week, my second one in less than two years. I’ve had a lot of dental surgeries over the years, and I can’t say that they’ve gotten any easier. Our mouths are so vulnerable, and the gums are directly connected to the limbic system, the seat of emotions. It’s no wonder that so many people dread going to the dentist.

But gradually I’ve been able to adjust my attitude so that I suffer less through the process. There are many tools for helping us change our attitudes about our present circumstances, and one of those tools is the use of mantras.

Mantras are words and phrases that are repeated to change one’s thought patterns, emotions, and physiology. Mantras work through invocation. They stimulate thoughts, which in turn create new synapses in your brain, eventually creating new neurons and a new way of thinking.

I used a simple mantra during the first round of surgery to help alleviate anxiety, and found it a very useful way to focus the brain on something other than fear or worry. My mantra was:

Om Sri Dhanvantre Namaha

‘Salutations and Honor to the Celestial Physician’

Dhanvantre, the Celestial Physician

Dhanvantre was a famous healer in ancient Vedic times, and this mantra invokes his healing energies. Because it doesn’t request anything specific, it’s a great supportive mantra for use in healing. It asks one to be open to healing however it occurs.

I chanted this mantra in my head in the days leading up to the surgery, focusing my thoughts around my teeth. I chanted all the way up to the point where I surrendered consciousness to the anesthesia. As I came to after the surgery, there was my mantra waiting for me, and I resumed chanting for a few more days.

I recovered nicely and went back to eating crunchy foods until last June when I fractured another tooth. And so I found myself preparing for my next surgery. I noticed I was steeling myself against imagined pain, getting caught up in the whirlwind of “what if’s”: what if it hurts? what if it doesn’t go well? what if I die???

I had to check myself. If energy follows thought, where was I taking myself? I wanted to put the idea of anything less than complete wholeness and radiance out of my consciousness altogether. So I dusted off my mantra, but with the realization that I had to be open to the healing. The universe is always saying YES. Whatever I put out there with my thoughts will grow. The mantra helped me refocus my thoughts, not just to avoid anxiety, but to CREATE health.

Mantras create your thoughts, thoughts create your feelings, feeling create your actions, and actions create your life. By consciously and deliberately employing mantras of your own choosing, you can liberate yourself from unconscious thoughts, false assumptions, and limiting beliefs. In this way, mantras can be a direct path to grace.


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