Breathing Infinity

Breathing Infinity, Finding Peace

This Friday, September 21 is the International Day of Peace, a time when we can intentionally come together as a global community in the spirit of oneness. Anyone, anywhere can participate, and it can be as simple as lighting a candle or spending a few minutes in silent meditation.

The following day, S is the Autumnal Equinox, a day of perfect balance for the earth, and an ideal time to pause in the busyness of our lives. I invite you to spend a few moments in stillness, connecting with your breath, and pausing in the center of the infinite cycles in your life.

Here are a couple exercises to help you find that still point within:

Ponder Infinity

Consider the infinity symbol. Can you imagine energy moving around this shape, moving away from the center, back to the center, endlessly? Where else in your life do you find this pattern of movement? In the breath? In the moon cycle? In walking? In a balancing posture? Ocean waves? The circulation of blood through the heart?

Energy moves in waves and spirals, and these movements go on ad infinitum, forever. Infinity has no beginning and no end. It represents the quality or state of having no limits in terms of time or space, when we are one with our divine nature. Perfect balance.

Turn the infinity symbol upright and it becomes the number 8. Now the cycle represents a completion like the circle, but with a new level or another octave, an end and a beginning.

With its perfect rhythm, eight represents the order of the celestial worlds established on earth. Eight is a symbol of all possibilities and completion. What in your life is feeling complete? What is possible in the coming season?

Mentally let go of the past season, what did and didn’t work. Release it with a loving blessing, and prepare to receive the energies of autumn’s potential.

Breathing Exercise

Visualize the infinity symbol. Start in the middle and mentally trace the form, following a line of energy as it sweeps up and away from the center, then down and back to the center, then up and away to the opposite side, returning downward and to the middle.

See if you can breathe your way around the shape, inhaling as you trace upwards, exhaling as you flow down. Pause briefly in the center before the next breath cycle. Smooth out your breath so the inhale and exhale are even, enjoying the serenity of the natural pauses at the top and bottom of the breath. What do you notice in those moments of silence?

Other ways to contemplate the significance of the 8: eight limbs of yoga; eight notes in an octave; the Buddhist eightfold path; the caduceus symbol in medicine; the spiral of the DNA strands….


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